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Secure Hash Standards - SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512
Ripe MD 160
UMAC - Fast and Provably Secure Message Authentication
John Savard describes Panama


A Framework for the Design of One-Way Hash Functions Including Cryptanalysis of Damgard's One-Way Function Based on a Cellular Automaton
A design principle for hash functions
A Cellular Automaton Based Fast One-Way Hash Function Suitable for Hardware Implementation
A Fast Cryptographic Hash Function Based on Linear Cellular Automata over GF(q)
A Family of Fast Dedicated One-Way Hash Functions Based on Linear Cellular Automata over GF(q)
Cryptographic Hash Functions: A Survey (1995)
A one-way hash function based on a two-dimensional cellular automaton
HAVAL - a one-way hashing algorithm with variable length of output
The hashing function lounge


Java source for *many* hash functions


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