A syntax checker for HTML files.

This program was designed to add height= and width= tags to IMG tags in HTML files - by reading the information from the headers of the relevant GIF and JPEG files.

This is desirable as it enables intelligently designed browsers to render the entire file's text before trying to load the images. If the images cause difficulties for any reason, then it is still possible to navigate the page.

If the system is multitasking properly, then it should be possible to follow links while the graphics are being downloaded and rendered.

href= parameters in anchor files may optionally be parsed, and checks made to ensure that the files being referred to actually exist.

While the file is being scanned, various syntactical checks are also performed. These help to ensure that the resulting HTML will work properly with any browser on any platform.

For those upgrading from earlier versions of HTML Scan, here is a list of the recent changes.

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HTML Scan reached version 1.20 on 08-Jun-98.

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