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Cryptography and compression
BIAES  - Desktop encryption using Rijndael (AES)
BIAC  - Bijective arithmetic compressor
BIRLE  - Bijective RLE compressor
TextView  - Protect text online using Rijndael (AES)
Secure Compress  - "One to one" compression for cryptography
[Diffusion]  - Reversible cellular systems (Java applet)
FWT  - Fast Walsh Transform (Java applet)
Permutations  - Exhaustive permutation lister (Java applet)
Links  - Related pages
Java programs
LCDAA  - LCD anti-alising in Java
Images in jars  - how to access images in jar files (Java applet)
FixStyle  - an automatic Java source manipulator
PHP programs
Web Tree  - has been moved to
Photograph Album  - an display a collection of images in a gallery
Syntax Highlighting  - Syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP
Frequency analysis  - Frequency analysis as an entire field
Previous programs
RISCOS  - Links to Zap, Texture Garden and HTMLScan

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