PhotographAlbum maintains a database of photographs and allows visitors to view them.


This is a simple PHP photograph album - or image gallery.

It reads information from a simple CSV file in the directory as the images.

It uses frames - with a scrolling image index in the left frame, and individual photographs displayed in the right frame.

It is worth using this sort of program if you have a lot of photographs you want to display.

It should work with PHP 4 or 5.

The distribution assumes that "index.php" files are set up to work in the web server.


The demonstration shows off how it works online.

You can see the program being used as a real photograph album [here].


The demonstration reads files from a graphics directory.

You can examine the format of the CSV file used here.


This program and its source code have been placed in the public domain.


Download the entire package as a zip file.

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