Invertible 1D Automata

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Invertible 1D Automata Applet

This applet generates 1D automata, and then tests them, and reports the results.

Two types of test may be applied: the automata can be tested to see if it is reversible, or automata with maximal period cycles (of 2^n - 1) can be identified.

The automata are non-uniform "r=1" automata, using euther rule 90 or rule 150 in each cell.

The binary rule numbers use a 1 to indicate rule 150 and a 0 to indicate use of rule 90, Following the convention of Hortensius [Hortensius, 1989].

Use of automata sizes greater the about ten is cautioned against.

The source code is available here:

A version of this applet using Sun's Java plug-in is available here.

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